Monday, November 29, 2010

Brain Works

(Acrylic, String and Collage on Canvas - Fall 2010)

Please Buy My Imitation Caviar $4000. (NFS)

Please Buy My Imitation Caviar $4000 (Acrylic and Ink on Canvas - Spring 2010)

This is a painting I created during Spring of these year. It is inspired by poverty and having had several friends whom lived in homes with their mattresses on the floor and living in roach infested apartments. I wanted to bring up the conversation between money and art in my painting, thus the idea of placing a price tag within the title. Of course the price in the title is static and will never go up or down in value. I bring up the irony of imitation caviar, while caviar is known to be a high-class delicacy. The title is to sound begging, for something that isn't worth that much.