Sunday, April 4, 2010

Present State of Art Awareness

I take it, you haven't guessed that a lot of these pieces have been created prior to this blog, as any true artist (at least in my opinion) should have had created some what of a body of artwork prior to any blog conception, which is the reason for my delay in my conception of a blog. Please don't mistake this as artist's arrogance, but simply common sense. I'd hate to have stumbled upon a blog of someones artwork, where artwork had yet to be created. The artwork I prepare to show is out of order in date of creation, but I assure you it wouldn't matter anyway, I want them to be perceived as the small body that I created prior to this blog regardless of any disorganization.

Moon Man and Child (Woodcut Reduction Fall 2009)

Call The Fucking Cops! (Woodcut Reduction and Lithograph Fall 2009)

As I lay (Woodcut Reduction Spring 2009)

Baby Boom (Wood Cut Reduction Spring 2009)

Jive Music (Silk Screen Spring 2009)

Overhead (Woodcut Reduction Fall 2009)

Maggot (Woodcut Reduction Spring 2009)

Atomic Survivor (Woodcut Reduction Fall 2009)

A Street Illustration (Pen & Ink Spring 2009)

On A String (Acrylic on Wood Fall 2009)

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